Hey there, after a couple of weeks of procrastination, I have finally gotten the blog back online, using Hexo and Netlify.

Why Hexo

I decided on Hexo because it’s fast, made for blogs, and built on JavaScript. I am planning to learn JS soon, and I’ve found that understanding is best achieved by struggling to get simple things done. Going with Hexo is really about accelerating the learning process by driving myself insane as I use it.

A static site generator like Hexo saves me tons of time:

  1. `hero new post restarting-the-blog-on-hexo
  2. `open restarting-the-blog-on-hexo.md
  3. Write the post within my text editor
    Thankfully, I’ve managed to get this running with GitHub and Netlify without any major incidents. We’ll see how that holds up as time goes on.

What to Expect

I’ve been writing pretty consistently over on LeoFinance about everything related to cryptocurrency, finance, and taxes. I plan to continue writing financial content on LeoFinance, but then also having it published here.

I am also going to try and be a bit more consistent with practicing my programming. I felt like I had a pretty consistent run over the last few months, but cryptocurrency, and DeFi specifically has managed to ruin that completely. With that being said, I am hoping to kick off #100DaysOfCode and write daily to the Programming/Dev Community on Peakd (assuming it’s not too spammy), and then publish those updates here as well.

What’s in Progress?

I have managed to successfully complete the first half of Python Crash Course, with the second half being various projects to try out. I’m not going to tap into those just yet, as I already have something I’m working on in Python: a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. I’m hoping to eventually turn this into an application that can handle far more than just keeping track of your portfolio.

I have found that having your projects deployed to the web, be visually pleasing, and provide a comfortable user experience is important, and that necessitates an understand of web development. I have tried (and failed) more times then I can count to gain a solid foundation of web development, so I’m going to try and keep it really simply this around: I will be going through FreeCodeCamp regularly and try to use this blog as the means to put what I learn to the test.

Keep in Touch

You can find me on Twitter, on Hive, and on Discord: phul#9117.